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Scientists identify over 12,000 variants that determine height

Researchers in a recent study identified over 12,000 genetic variants that help determine an individual's height. An Australian study by researchers at the University of...

Scientists discover the Milky Way’s ‘galactic graveyard’ filled with black holes

Scientists have discovered a massive "galactic underworld" filled with corpses of former suns turned black holes and neutron stars. Moreover, the galactic graveyard is three...

NASA’s DART mission successfully hits asteroid into new orbit

NASA announced Tuesday that its Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission successfully altered the orbit of an asteroid millions of miles away. Following analysis over...

Mars may had been swarmed with microscopic organisms, study says

Ancient Mars may have had an environment capable of harboring an underground world teeming with microscopic organisms, French scientists reported Monday.But if they existed,...

Full hunter’s moon: What to know

The hunter's full moon will rise this weekend. NASA said that the full moon will appear opposite the sun in Earth-based longitude at 4:55 p.m....
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